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Historical costumes

I reconstruct historical costumes from different eras which are mainly based on  paintings, woodcuts, excavations, sculptures and other reliable sources. I also create outfits with the use of appropriate clothing elements characteristic for a given era.

You can borrow any historical attire from my studio, as well as buy one or ask for a sew to order.

Reconstruction of the royal costumes by Bona Sworza and Zygmunt Stary based on the woodcut from 1521 and the painting most likely by Marcin Ostrowski, sewn to the order of the Royal Castle in Piotrków Trybunalski.

A lady from the nineteenth century travelling in a horse-drawn carriage. Epochal attire.y.
A baroque dress made of velvet and trimmed with fur for Sławomira.

A dress from the Renaissance period.

Design and implementation: Anna Musialska
Photo: Mirek Kijewski
Model:  Adrianna Nowakowska
Hairstyle: Kinga Czapińska-Pańczyk
Make-up: Karolina Koszewska